WHITE PAPER: How B2B Industrial Distributors Can Compete with Amazon

It’s no surprise the industrial distribution market has changed over the past several decades. An industry once dominated by traveling salesmen and catalogs has grown into a global e-commerce marketplace. Along with this growth comes new and unexpected competition for B2B industrial distributors: B2C companies like Amazon that draw in customers with easy-to-use websites, a customer-centric approach, effective browse and search functionalities, and high-quality product content.

With a product master data management strategy and a content-first approach, distributors can successfully compete with B2C companies that have moved into the B2B industrial distribution space.

B2B Industrial Distribution

In this white paper, learn about:

> Changes in B2B Industrial Distribution
> How to adapt to changes & compete with B2C websites like amazon
> How to match the B2C e-commerce shopping experience