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Precise Search

Precise Search is the first search technology that uses product context to display accurate, relevant products every time your customers search.

If your customers can’t find it, they can’t buy it.

Drive findability and conversion with Precise Search.

Relevant Results

Precise Search knows the product context of a keyword search so your
customers see only the products they need and none of the products they don’t.

Consistent Results

Whether your customers use the search box or faceted navigation, Precise Search
displays identical results so they don’t miss out on a single product.

Robust Results

Precise Search scours brands, part numbers, and unlimited product attributes
so your customers always find the products they need.

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Retention.

Keyword Search + Faceted Search

Precise Search transforms keywords into selectable filter options, driving customers to product categories for fast, detailed results. When customers always find what they need on your site, their sessions grow longer and they’ll keep coming back.

Around-Me Recommendations

Precise Search recommends similar products customers might want or the functional equivalent of their current search. When you offer accurate, relevant product recommendations, your customer’s average order value rises.

Endless Possibilities

Precise Search was built to handle complex procurement needs. Because Precise Search scans unlimited product attributes to find relevant products, it’s perfect for large product assortments with millions of technical data points.

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312-243-1140 info@codifyd.com
© 2016 Codifyd.
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312-243-1140 info@codifyd.com
© 2016 Codifyd.
All rights reserved.